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"The closest thing I've experienced to dreaming." « Click to watch film

Lily in the Grinder

a short film about existence
directed by Michael Morgenstern

Ryan lives in Brooklyn and looks for a job, maybe in social media or something.
He sits around the house, wanders New York City, and questions the
point of his existence. Bridging experimental and narrative form,
Lily is like attending a live string quartet concert that explodes
into the visual field. The film flits to the future
and past and back while an original score,
written in the style of B¨¦la Bart¨®k,
tells its own piece of the story.
Draped in kaleidoscopic imagery
and crackling with dark humor,
Lily in the Grinder probes sex,
death, and time.
What if
a human life
is a static
four-dimensional entity
that cannot be said to truly begin or end?
What if we already are everything we will ever be?

Local Screenings

Watch in a theater, it's way better! Click here to host an event with Lily in the Grinder.

Rhode Island International Film Festival
August 9 at 4:45pm
Paff Theater at URI

August 21 at 7pm
Private apartment

Katra Film Series
August 23 at 8pm
217 Bowery

Newfilmmakers NYC
September 3 at 7:30pm
Anthology Film Archives

Sydney, Australia
September 19-21

Oakland Underground Film Festival
September 27, Humanist Hall, Oakland

Beinten film festival
Moscow, Russia
November 1-9

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